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Muggles, mugglere, et geocaching uttrykk
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Posta 29/3/2006 00:31 (#678)
Emne: Muggles, mugglere, et geocaching uttrykk


Poster: 56
Lokasjon: Navigate3D.net
De som ikke er med på tursporten geocaching og som ikke skal finne cachene, turboksene, er mugglere, på engelsk muggles. Det er en geocachers utfordring å plassere og finne cacher slik at mugglere ikke finner cachene. For moro skyld skal nevnes at i f.eks. New Dehli er det vanskelig å plassere og finne cacher fordi det er mugglere overalt. Muggleren der forstår trolig ikke hensikten med sporten, og geocachere vekker oppsikt og mistenksomhet. En geocacher har åpenbare utfordringer på slike steder, også i forhold til rekruttering.

Muggles i Wikipedia:
Muggles, geocaching-speak for non-geocachers who are unaware of the game's existence. Muggles can add challenge to caches in crowded areas, since the cacher may accidentally reveal the location of the cache. A cache that has been discovered and damaged or removed by non-cachers is said to have been muggled. In a more general sense, it is a neutral term for people who are excluded from one's current activity and are hopefully absent. It is considered poor form to retrieve a geocache in the presence of Muggles since the caches often contain somewhat valuable items and their contents could be easily stolen by others if not careful. For example, a typical comment on Geocaching.com is "I found the cache site but I had to wait 10 minutes to retrieve it because muggles were around."
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