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Tips: GPS mottakeren viser kontinuerlig høyde over havet som er praktisk når du bestiger et fjell

Skuespill og illusjoner i media og regjeringer. Acting and illusions in the media and governments
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Posta 9/2/2012 12:22 (#7985)
Emne: Skuespill og illusjoner i media og regjeringer. Acting and illusions in the media and governments

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Oppvåking ^ 2 , mirrored in Nyhetsspeilet.no

Angående skuespill og illusjoner i media, se gjennom det følgende, kopi av Sean’s kommentarer i chat. Tankekors, hva er skuespill og illusjoner i norsk media?, interessant spørsmål, bl.a. fhi, nrk, tv2, dagbladet og aftenposten er fremtredende kandidater, og som kjent er det mange fler. En sak er sikker, vi er utsatt for et gedigent falskneri og skuespill gjennom bl.a. massemedia og regjeringer

Comments refer to this site: The age of volcanoes


JonBenét Ramsey is now dating the mother of Natallee Holloway
> Google { JonBenét Ramsey , Natallee Holloway’s motherBeth Holloway }

By scrolling down to Natalee Holloway’s (haul away) picture see if you can tell the difference between her doppleganger
> Google { Natalee Holloway }

Also see if you can distinguish between Maurice Strong and his doubles
> Google { Maurice Strong }

.. and they have control over all aspects of it. Just a week after I saw Ed’s video showing what he has in graphic format above, the National Enquirer came out with the headline “JonBenét’s Killer Commits Suicide In Jail.” It appears the evil ones are attempting damage control
> http://www.nationalenquirer.com/ ~ The content of this website is not available in your area, i.e. not available in Norway (!)
> Google { National Enquirer JonBenét’s Killer Commits Suicide In Jail }

One sees a fascinating photo of JonBenét Ramsey. Ed’s hypothesis is tantalizing

This is no different than the staged photo at Kent State where dozens of students continue to walk about all while gunshots were supposedly ringing out
> Google { Kent State shootings }

Or in Vietnam where a young girl allegedly has her clothes burned off, even though the street is chock full of pedestrians completely ignoring her – it’s staged

And the dead student laying dead on the grass at Kent State – was it Paul Michael Glazer? Don’t laugh until you check
> Google { Paul Michael Glazer }

Could it be that Charles Manson is using the prisoner transport mechanism via Kristine Marcy? Please scroll down to Manson’s photo’s at bottom of ref. page
> Google { Charles Manson , Kristine Marcy Senior Executive Service }

The active elite seems much smaller than we realize. Characters are recycled under different personas

Quote: You see, Mengele, Eichmann, and a third Nazi named Walter Kruminski decided to have families that intermarried with each other to create one huge evil family which is now psychologically terrorizing you with fake news stories to portray a much darker and depressing world than it really is


Comments refer to this site: Wellaware1.com


Linda West is MorningMayan the fraud you see on Youtube. She is a family member of the Strongs, Wohls, and Greenbergs
> Google { Linda West }
> Youtube { MorningMayan }

For the real Janet Napoletano scroll
> Google { Janet Napoletano }

And that Maurice Greenberg is Maurice Strong – same person
> Google { Maurice Greenberg , Maurice Strong }


Comments refer to this photo: Leslie Cagan, Janet Napolitano poster


will the real Head of Homeland Security standup?
> Google { Leslie Cagan , Janet Napoletano }


Comments refer to this photo: Charles Manson


This famous criminal was seemingly released to the public – with his swastika still on his forehead. Or just a good lookalike?
> Google { Charles Manson }

Did Kristine Marcy release Manson because nobody would believe he could ever be released? What a coincidental similarity!!
> Google { Kristine Marcy Senior Executive Service }


After all, we are operating in the context of FOX and the Murdochs where the claims that Ed Chiarni is making is right up their ally. These are actors playing multiple roles

9/11 and related: Intelligence reports http://abeldanger.net/ Technical documentation http://ae911truth.org/

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