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La oss ha et teselskap for Loran
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   GPS-relatert, tur beskrivelser, foto, film, PC -> Andre fagområder, satellitt navigasjon systemerMelding format
Posta 26/2/2010 14:49 (#5483)
Emne: La oss ha et teselskap for Loran

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Let's have a tea party for Loran

Quote: While celebrating the start of America's Cup racing come Monday don't forget to shed a tear and hoist a cold one for our old friend Loran, which is scheduled to get shut down the same day. For you Sarah Palin fans who like to rail against the idiocy of the federal government, this should make an excellent talking point. Having spent $160 million over the past 10 years to upgrade Loran to "enhanced" eLoran status so it can serve as an effective back-up for the GPS system, the government will now flush that money down the toilet, in spite of the fact that shutting down the Loran system will probably cost more than finishing the upgrade. The death of eLoran seems even more incomprehensible in light of the fact that absolutely no one believes GPS is infallible. Less than three weeks ago the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Norton Schwartz, opened Tuft University's Fletcher Conference on National Security Strategy and Policy with a diatribe on the vulnerability of GPS . And the most comprehensive government study ever conducted on the viability of Loran and the vulnerability of GPS concluded unequivocally that eLoran is the only cost-effective way to back up GPS. ..

U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center, NAVCEN


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