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Tips: “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. "Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does." They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

Edge 605/705 software version 2.30 as of July 23, 2008
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Posta 16/8/2008 07:48 (#3276)
Emne: Edge 605/705 software version 2.30 as of July 23, 2008

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Lokasjon: Nordvest i Gudbrandsdalen

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Change History

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:

  • Removed time limitation from history recording.
  • Deleting history through the menu on the device will now also delete the history file from mass storage.
  • Fixed issue where averages and calories could accumulate when auto-paused.
  • Fixed issue where workout dates could be incorrect on the watch when loaded from the PC.
  • Fixed issue where settings were sometimes not saved when GPS was turned off.
  • When creating a course, device will no longer show history that does not have track point data.
  • Correct issue with repeated auto-pause/resume when starting.
  • Fixed issue where routes created in MapSource could have invalid points after being loaded to the Edge.
  • Fixed some problems with calculating total ascent.
  • Fixed issue with grade being dashed and elevation not changing.
  • Added an Entertainment category in POI List.
  • Speeded up searching in Find Cities.
  • Fixed issue where wheel size was not auto-calibrating.
  • Fixed issue where unit does not return to previous screen after route recalculation.
  • Added progress bar for software updates.
  • Added ability to hit LEFT/RIGHT to toggle between Bike Computer pages and Course Points page.
  • Fixed problem with Time to Point display on course data page.
  • Allow UP and DOWN to cycle the bottom pane of data on the Course Timer screen.
  • Fixed some issues that would allow creating an invalid course that would end as soon as you pressed start.
  • Fixed issue where certain languages (Svenska, Magyar, Slovensky) would not work with course compass page.
  • Fixed issue where when more than one mapset is installed the unit only searches for addresses on the closest mapset.
  • Fixed issue where keyboard would not immediately update when switching modes.
  • Improved route recalculation.
  • Fixed issue where ?Arriving At...' message does not always show destination.
  • Disabled panning on the map displayed on the course timer page.
  • Fixed issue where the Course Elevation Profile shows a straight line on long activities.
  • Added average power to the lap data in XML.
  • Updated many German translations.
  • Fixed issue where auto-pause/manual lap causes 0 distance lap.
  • Changed zoom levels at which towns and villages appear based on size to help declutter the map.
  • Increased the number of calories that can be shown on History Totals page.
  • Made some changes to reduce 0 speed reporting when using GSC10.
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