Garmin WebUpdater ver. 2.4.0 utgitt
Posta 12/9/2006 00:19 (#1600)
Emne: Garmin WebUpdater ver. 2.4.0 utgitt

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Changes made from version 2.3.3 to 2.4.0:

  • Added ability to display notes. For example, warning messages about loss of user data will now be shown within the wizard.
  • The check for WebUpdater's own updates has been moved to the first page, so users don't have to select a device before checking for this update.
  • Added ability to display change history for updates.
  • Added data integrity checks to ensure that the update file has not been corrupted during the transfer from the Garmin website.
  • Fixed error with handling case where the device has no voices installed and there were no voice updates available.
  • Handle case where the web browser could not be opened when a user clicks on the additional information link.
  • Improved handling of cases where user has multiple devices connected during the update.
  • Fixed issue where buttons would get cut-off when the Windows Taskbar was at the top of the screen.
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