Beste og verste mobiltelefoner hva angår stråling
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Emne: Beste og verste mobiltelefoner hva angår stråling

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Best and Worst Phones
Get a safer phone

Sitat: Are cell phones safe? Many research groups around the world are working to find out. Your cell phone emits radiation to send voice and text messages from you to the other caller. Some (not all) studies of frequent cell-phone users suggest this radiation may increase risks for cancer or children's behavior problems. Use this guide to find your phone and safer, low-radiation choices. [more tips] Listing is based on phones currently available from major carriers. You can also see all available phones or all phones (current and legacy) ranked by radiation. ..

Kilde Environmental working group

Concerns over phone to brain radiation after mobile is marketed to four-year-olds
, Wise up journal , Kræft bedraget - det skal stoppes!


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